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Are We Desensitizing Our Children?

In a recent conversation with my 13-year-old son he shared that when he and his peers were discussing video games he told them that he is not allowed to play anything where there is killing.  For a moment I felt bad about this concerned that my rules could be affecting his ability to have friends if playing these games is how they socialize.  But then I thought of the children I work with who are experiencing so many negative affects from doing exactly what I won’t allow in my own home.

There is a reason we have age limits, rules and boundaries.  It’s because we care about our children and want to keep them safe and healthy.  So, before you allow such “games” into your home, watch this.  And maybe have your children watch it while you are taking the games to the trash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxyTO-Q40u4

If this isn’t enough to convince you.  There are hundreds more.  It won’t be easy.  Your kids will get mad.  But who said parenting was supposed to be easy?  Your children, just like you did, will understand, and thank you, when they have children of their own someday.

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