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Christmas Presence

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Flippy Fun and Fears

As anyone engaged in the digital world knows, there is always a new fad on the scene to entertain and distract youth while shocking and terrifying those who care for them.  The latest in this league of legends utilizes the […]

Is Porn Hate Speech?

I’m not sure how to write this without my intention being misconstrued and I have been warned that anyone speaking out these days is setting themselves up for negative backlash.  But, I keep replaying that quote in my mind:  “All […]

Kill Yourself Youtube

YouTube Song: Kill Yourself – KYS

When I was a child I was called 4Eyes, Teacher’s Pet and various other names that caused me a lot of emotional pain. As we all know, kids can be mean. But, since the advent of the internet we have […]

Is Your Public Library iWISE?

As libraries try to stay relevant to the needs of 21st century patrons, many are transforming from a repository for books to a hangout for screen consumption.  On a recent visit, I walked through the aisles of computer stations and […]

X-Rated SPAM Texts

A Texas mom had had the same mobile number for over 10 years and had never received an inappropriate text, until the following came up:  “For live nudity available right now, click here.”  Her mind immediately raced to the last […]

The “P” Word

-Children are curious about it, unprepared for it, unprotected from it. –Parents are unaware of it, uneducated about it, too busy to deal with it. -Schools are saturated with it, overwhelmed by it, not allowed to talk about it. Keeping […]