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Talking to kids about porn

The birds and the bees talk has historically made many parents nervous. Some will give a child a book and pray they don’t ask questions. Some “let” the school take care of it. While others will prepare and gently answer […]

Instant Home Security for Responsible People

I have been a fan of this company for years because of their mission to make the cyberworld a safer place for children.  Their products are easy to use and they work! Raising my son in a Router Limits home […]

Is Your Public Library iWISE?

As libraries try to stay relevant to the needs of 21st century patrons, many are transforming from a repository for books to a hangout for screen consumption.  On a recent visit, I walked through the aisles of computer stations and […]

X-Rated SPAM Texts

A Texas mom had had the same mobile number for over 10 years and had never received an inappropriate text, until the following came up:  “For live nudity available right now, click here.”  Her mind immediately raced to the last […]