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Be a Drop – Join the Alliance

If you’ve ever peeked at a puddle to assess if it is raining outside you have seen the effect of one drop.  Often referred to as the “ripple effect” the scientific reality is that one drop of water will cause movement to the entire puddle.

With this premise in mind, we are looking for more drops.  iWise exists to cause movement and we are inviting others to join us.  How?

  1.  Start implementing the iWise steps by becoming Aware of the issues, Protecting young minds in your sphere of influence with effective filtering/monitoring tools, and Preparing your community and your family to make healthy screen choices.
  2. Host an iWise Presentation:  We can increase the level of Awareness in your sphere of influence
  3. Join the iWise Screen Health Alliance:  The more drops, the more movement.  Our goal is to make waves, so we need your help.  Join us in this effort by becoming a member of the Screen Health Alliance. 

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