If you are looking for a completely hands off approach, check out BARK.

It’s a text-based monitoring and reporting system that uses AI to notify parents of potential dangers. Many schools are using this service to stay on top of cyber-bullying, suicide and potential threats.

OPTION #2: Router Limits
If you want control over what’s coming into your home.

Router Limits RL-150

When you order internet service you are bringing everything available on the world wide web into your home or business.  Unlike television where you have to pay extra to get certain types of programming, with the internet, you have to pay to block what you don’t want.  Router Limits is a simple hardware solution that gives you control of how your service is used and lets you limit the content and quantity YOU set in place.

Click HERE to find out how you can gain IMMEDIATE CONTROL of every device that connects to your home or business wi-fi at the source.

Internet Filter & Screen Time Manager



This comprehensive cloud management system gives you protection, control, and visibility!

This is the first all-inclusive tool to manage each of your family’s internet. You can now regulate ALL of your devices no matter how they connect to the Internet. Control computers, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, smart TVs — you name it. There’s no software to install. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

 Manage Screen Time
Manage screen time like a boss! Set internet access schedules that fit the needs of each member of your family. Customize usage parameters on users, devices, or your entire network. Pause the internet from anywhere, any time.
 Filter Content
Control access to specific websites or categories, hour by hour, day by day. Get regularly updated protection from pornography and other harmful content.
 Track Browsing History
View web use and browsing history data right at your fingertips. Now you can see what’s happening online in your home in real-time even when you’re not there. Destroying the evidence by deleting the trail is not an option!
 Internet Pause Button
Pause and unpause devices at any time from anywhere. Pause a device, group, or the whole house for game night, dinner, chores or just because you can.
 Safe Search Lock
Enforcing Google and Bing SafeSearch has never been easier. Remove explicit content, images, videos, and websites from their results with a single click. Easily turned on/off for browsing regular results.
 Restricted Mode
YouTube Restricted Mode helps you screen/filter out videos and suggested content from YouTube’s search results. When YouTube Restricted Mode is enabled, you will not be able to see comments on the videos you watch.
 Device Level Control
Safety and control no matter where they go. Home, school, work, WiFi or mobile data, with our included Mobile App every connection is protected. (Available for iOS and Android)
 Mobile Protection
Tailor the experience for each person online. Everyone has unique needs which you can customize limits by person, age, or job title. Every device can be treated individually or easily grouped with other devices to create a profile.

Setup is as simple as:







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