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iWise Mission
iWise Living exists to promote healthy screen use through education, consultation, counseling and technical assistance to parents, youth and others utilizing sound research, quality materials, professional experts and common sense. 


iWise Living Founder:  Cheryl L. Mahoney, M.Ed., LSW, SAP, CEAP
Cheryl Mahoney, is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Substance Abuse Professional, and Certified Employee Assistance Professional with over thirty years of experience working in mental health and addictions.

Cheryl earned a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion and Education at the University of Cincinnati and completed Doctoral work at the Ohio State University.  Her undergraduate work includes a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and an Associate’s degree in Mental Health Technology.

She has completed the Zur Institute Professional Certification series: “Psychology of the Internet” and Dr. Kimberly Young’s “Restore-Recovery” training for treating internet addiction.

As a school-based therapist and mother of a 13-year-old, Cheryl is acutely aware of our youth’s cyber-culture, their dependence upon screens, and the overwhelming potential for harm.  Because of her experiences and concern that “something must be done,” Cheryl began iWise as a resource for individuals, families, and communities to assist them in assessing screen use and promoting healthier use models.  Her iWise mission is to teach people to be wise about screen use by learning to: “Be Aware, Protect, Prepare, Respond.”