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Contact us today to schedule an eye-opening presentation that will educate and empower adults in your community to take a stand for our most precious resource. What you don’t know, may be harming them.

Screen Health & Digital Disorders
A look at how screens are affecting children. Every adult who cares for children needs to see this before deciding to put a child in front of a screen.

Can be presented as a one – two hour presentation or as a half or full day workshop.

The “P” Word, It’s Time to Talk
Because of the internet, pornography is no longer an “adults only” activity. Handing a child a web-enabled electronic screen puts them one click away from violent, degrading, imagery that can impact them now and in the future. The effects are being considered a public health crisis. This presentation is appropriate for adults as well as youth as a great way to start the conversation that no one wants to have.

This is a one hour or classroom length presentation that is modified for the age of the audience.

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What you don’t know, may be hurting them….

Before you give a child access to an internet-enabled electronic screen, BE AWARE of what you’re exposing them to. With just one click, they could experience something in the virtual world that would horrify you in the real one.  Contact us today to schedule an EYE-OPENING presentation that will EMPOWER adults in your community to TAKE A STAND for our most precious resource.

An iWise representative can come talk with:  Parent/Mom groups, schools, churches, community agencies, etc. about this graphic conversation (adults only).  CONTACT US for more information.  Children need grown-ups to PROTECT them and PREPARE them – in the virtual world and the real one. Children need grown-ups to be iWise.