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Contact us today to schedule eye-opening presentations, trainings and workshops that will empower youth and adults to use electronic screens and the internet in healthy ways that are beneficial for humanity.

Trainings can be customized to meet your needs and community.  Examples of available talks include:

iWise Parenting

Are you tired of fighting over Screentime?  Are you concerned about what your children could be (or have been) exposed to online and the possible short and long term affects?  Are you overwhelmed with too much information and not sure where to turn?

Contact us today to schedule an EYE-OPENING presentation that will EMPOWER adults in your community to BE AWARE, PROTECT, PREPARE and RESPOND for our most precious resource.

Call/Text/Email now: Cheryl@iWiseLiving.com or call 937.673.3428

Screen Health & Digital Disorders

Professional Development, teacher trainings, businesses and organizations, non-profits, health care providers, churches and anyone who works with or cares for children.  In this interactive presentation participants will discuss  the many way electronic screens and the internet can impact mental health.

Can be presented as a one – two hour presentation or as a half or full day workshop.

Call/Text/Email now: Cheryl@iWiseLiving.com or call 937.673.3428


The “P” Word (It’s Time to Talk)

Because of the internet, pornography is no longer an “adults only” activity. Handing a child a web-enabled electronic screen puts them one click away from violent, degrading, imagery that can impact them now and in the future. The effects are being considered a public health crisis. This presentation is appropriate for adults as well as youth as a great way to start the conversation that no one wants to have.

This is a one hour or classroom length presentation that is modified for the age of the audience.



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