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Keep your Kids’ off Next Year’s Naughty List

If your children are like mine, many of the items on their holiday wish list involved electronic screens and an internet connection.  Fulfilling these requests can make it difficult to be a good parent AND a popular Santa.  If you gave in to your desire to see your child’s eyes light up when opening their dreamed of digital device, take a minute to consider what it is you’ve actually given them:

  1. an open connection to predators,
  2. an outlet for cyberbullying
  3. an unending stream of violent and misogynist pornography
  4. a vehicle for desensitization to violence
  5. a 24 hour flow of hatred, fake news, cruelty offered up as funny, entertaining, and acceptable
  6. a mental magnet that leads to tantrums, whining, arguing, fighting, and outbursts

More than likely these things were not highlighted in the product ads nor were they explained to you when making your purchases but, the reality is, this and much more is just one click away on every internet-enabled device.  There are things you can do to limit exposure and modify behaviours but it requires action.  Putting your head in the sand is the worst thing you can do.  iWise Parents need to Be Aware, Protect, Prepare and Respond.  Email us NOW to find out how.   cheryl@iwiseliving.com


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