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Need help talking to your kids about PORN?

Because exposure to pornography is pretty much inevitable these days, our kids need us to prepare them for it. Porn’s addictive nature, the way it can alter a child’s developing brain, and how it will affect all of their future relationships make these discussions vital to a child’s healthy sexual […]

Be iWise in 2017!

2017 is almost here and we’re scheduling presentations now!  Make your New Year’s resolution to Be Aware, Protect, Prepare.  Simply send us an email: info@iwise.solutions or give us a call:  9376733428.  

Talking to Kids About Porn

The birds and the bees talk has historically made many parents nervous. Some will give a child a book and pray they don’t ask questions. Some “let” the school take care of it. While others will prepare and gently answer questions in age appropriate manners as topics arise as teachable […]

Be a Drop – Join the Alliance

If you’ve ever peeked at a puddle to assess if it is raining outside you have seen the effect of one drop.  Often referred to as the “ripple effect” the scientific reality is that one drop of water will cause movement to the entire puddle. With this premise in mind, […]