We have our kids wear seat belts and helmets to protect their bodies.  Why aren’t we protecting their minds?  Below are resources that can help you protect yourself, your family and your coworkers.

Router Limits RL-150


When you order internet service you are bringing everything available on the world wide web into your home or business.  Unlike television where you have to pay extra to get certain types of programming, with the internet, you have to pay to block what you don’t want.  Router Limits is a simple hardware solution that gives you control of how your service is used and lets you limit the content and quantity YOU set in place.

Click HERE to find out how you can gain IMMEDIATE CONTROL of every device that connects to your home or business wi-fi at the source.




As time goes by we are realizing the importance of protecting young minds…and adult minds…from too much screen time and inappropriate material.  Below are several professional resources to help you gain control.


Mobicip allows you to adjust the internet filtering level, setup parental controls and monitor browsing history on multiple tablets, smartphones and computers, all remotely from any computer or mobile device.  Available for Home, School, or Business.


Your Devices Are Monitored

Install Covenant Eyes on all your devices. We monitor and keep a record of all your Internet browsing. We’ll even block the bad stuff if you want.




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