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Questions? support@cybercivics.com | (949) 481-4319 Source: cyber-civics-2

"It's kinda crazy": Kid influencers make big money on social media, and few rules apply (via www.cbsnews.com)

Is it all in good fun — or unregulated child labor? These little influencers raise big questions Source: www.cbsnews.com

The Problem With The New "Social Media Addiction" Bill, According To Experts (via Bustle/)

On Tuesday, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri introduced a new bill that aims to hold social media companies accountable for mindless scrolling. Specifically, the Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology (SMART) Act would ban them from… Source: Bustle/


Four Ways to Hack Your Screen Addiction – Mindful (via Mindful)

Here’s how to have a healthy and mindful relationship with media so you can stay informed, engaged, and feeling good. Source: Mindful


Facebook Knows More About You Than the CIA (via WIRED)

Facebook hired Yael Eisenstat, a CIA veteran, to help it address election meddling. Now she’s deeply worried about the company’s sway over our lives. Source: WIRED


The Technology of Kindness (via Scientific American)

How social media can rebuild our empathy—and why it must Source: Scientific American


Rebelling against attention economy, Humane Tech movement expands (via www.aljazeera.com)

A growing coalition of social groups is pushing back against tech companies that feed digital addiction and overload. Source: www.aljazeera.com

This Is How You’re Being Manipulated (via Gizmodo)

At a preliminary Senate hearing today on the subject of potentially putting legislative limits on the persuasiveness of technology—a diplomatic way of saying the addiction model the internet uses to keep people engaged and clicking—Tristan Harris, the executive director of […]

YouTube under federal investigation over allegations it violates children’s privacy

YouTube executives are discussing broad changes to how the video platform handles children’s content and are also examining ways to improve core features to limit hate speech in response to criticism that the video-streaming platform has done too little to […]

F.T.C. Said to Be Investigating YouTube Over Child Privacy Claims

The video service has been under increasing pressure from parents and consumer groups for the way it handles children’s videos. Source: www.nytimes.com