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Instant Home Security for Responsible People

I have been a fan of this company for years because of their mission to make the cyberworld a safer place for children.  Their products are easy to use and they work!

Raising my son in a Router Limits home means I can relax when he has to do his homework online without fear that something harmful will appear on the screen.

There are so many apps and services available today to help us monitor and block content.  It’s overwhelming!  After attempting to figure out a few I was so relieved to find the RL-mini.  You literally just plug it into your router and bam!  The bad stuff is blocked INSTANTLY!

If you want to do more, like schedule times when the internet can be used and by which devices, you can and I do.  But, just knowing that NO ONE can use my wi-fi to access potentially harmful material was enough to give me peace of mind.  I’ve been complaining about this problem for years.  With Router Limits in my house, I am now a part of the solution.

You can support my efforts to promote healthy screen use by buying directly from me here or on Amazon,

However you get it, just please, if there is any possibility that a child can access your home internet connection, you need to have this product!  It’s simply irresponsible not to.

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