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Keep your Kids’ off Next Year’s Naughty List

If your children are like mine, many of the items on their holiday wish list involved electronic screens and an internet connection.  Fulfilling these requests can make it difficult to be a good parent AND a popular Santa.  If you […]

iWise Comic Booklets Get the Message Out!

In response to the emails and calls from parents looking for an easy way to bring up sensitive issues like internet pornography, we’re creating a series of mini comic booklets that can be handed out or left lying about. Each booklet features young people addressing questions in a way kids can relate to.

Talking to kids about porn

The birds and the bees talk has historically made many parents nervous. Some will give a child a book and pray they don’t ask questions. Some “let” the school take care of it. While others will prepare and gently answer […]

boy looking at computer screen

It’s Time To Talk

Everyone is talking about screens these days.  Some people praise them.  Others fear them.  But most agree that they’re here to stay.  The impact of our daily screen worship is being seen and felt throughout societies across the globe with […]

Need help talking to your kids about porn?

Because exposure to pornography is pretty much inevitable these days, our kids need us to prepare them for it. Porn’s addictive nature, the way it can alter a child’s developing brain, and how it will affect all of their future […]