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    We try to provide accurate source references for items not created by us.  If we have failed to cite  something properly, if you have additional resources that support or counter what is presented here, or if you just want to chat about these issues, please let us know!  Our mission is simply to promote  the healthy use of internet connected electronic screens by teaching the four components of iWise Living:  BE AWARE, PROTECT, PREPARE, RESPOND.



By / May 4, 2019

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm….ESports

There is a lot of conversation these days about "electronic sports" and many schools are jumping on board just like...

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By iWISE / November 29, 2018

The Truth about Porn

If you're interested in learning more about the harms of pornography, check out this website that features up-to-date research and...

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By iWISE / February 19, 2018

School Shootings: Are We Really Surprised?

WARNING:  GRAPHIC CONTENT! The only thing that surprises me about school shootings is that people are surprised.  Here is a...

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By iWISE / January 25, 2018

Another School Shooting….

Another school shooting….and what are we doing about it?  Are we addressing the potential causes of such violence in order...

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By iWISE / January 25, 2018

Being THAT! Parent

In a recent conversation with my 13-year-old son he shared that when he and his peers were discussing video games...

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By iWISE / January 12, 2018

Gaming Disorder Recognized by the World Health Organization

You know how sometimes you just want to say "I told you so!" but you know it's not a nice,...

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By iWISE / December 27, 2017

Keep your Kids’ off Next Year’s Naughty List

If your children are like mine, many of the items on their holiday wish list involved electronic screens and an...

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By iWISE / December 26, 2017


If you, like many parents (and grandparents), have given your child the gift of online access this Christmas whether it...

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Be Aware
By iWISE / December 22, 2017

Christmas Presence

Use the scroll bars to read the comic

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By iWISE / November 10, 2017

iWise Comic Booklets Get the Message Out!

In response to the emails and calls from parents looking for an easy way to bring up sensitive issues like internet pornography, we're creating a series of mini comic booklets that can be handed out or left lying about. Each booklet features young people addressing questions in a way kids can relate to.

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